Ngage games For s60v3 320x240 like E5 E71 100% working
Simple ngage installing 320x240
1. Hack your phone
2. open this .zip U will see 1 folder move in to E/private
Install this in memory Card
4. Move this file in to folder C:/private/10202Be9
5. Move this file into C:/resourcer/apps
After that Download this games
For install and play game
Now Restart mobile
open without exit
go to x plorer
MOVE 1 GAME at 1 time in to
E:/ngage Folder
after doing this installing will start
if your game is
(4MB then wait 5min),
(13 Mb wait 15 min),
(28MB 29min)
This time is taken for installin game. .
Note : this games are working 100% When u open
Than half screen appear doesnt matter ..when u start playing game than sereen will ok 100%working. . Enjoy friends
Any problem than email me